Unique & Special - One of a kind!

Your family is unique & special — One-of-a-kind! We understand and appreciate that because our services are unique & special - One-of-a-kind!

As a Writer, Director, Producer, and Editor of Film, as well as, a family man, Gerald takes your Family home movies and creates a One-of-a-Kind treasure that you and your family will cherish forever — far superior to anything that someone's cousin or friend can deliver.

DVD Memories is a division of Aria Pictures that has been involved in over 200 film & video projects that they have delivered.

Digital Transfer with Editing & More!

We take your VHS, smart phone, and other forms of family home movies and make a story of your family that we add personality and emotion — we do not just transfer the video.

We care about your project, your family, and your legacy like it is one of ours.

There are many things that people do not think about when wanting to put video and pictures into DVD, Blu-ray, or Digital project, such as, editing, color, photographs, quality, length, music, menu's, chapters, audio, size, slo-motion, clarity, titles, intro, ending, transitions, credits, cover art, and so much more. We cover them and do them.

Photo Slide Show

A Photo Slide Show makes a wonderful gift for family members, those favorite neighbors who have moved away, and to preserve as a history for your children and grandchildren.

The best part is instead of being locked into some album, family photos are now available to all family members. Everyone can now have copies of those priceless family moments!

We can Scan & Digitize Photographs of any size — 5x7, 6x10, and larger at a high resolution and color quality.

Editing & Color Correction, as well as, red-eye, tares, and smudges can be done to rejuvenate the images. Our mission is to keep the original image intact but to fix it if necessary.

The photographs will be put into a timeline with titles, motion effects, transitions, and your choice of music creating the slide show.

Archiving - Storage - Protection

Time Machine and many other "Back-Up" services and apps are great — we recommend using them; however, they should not be the only form of back-up you use to preserve and protect you photos and video. We recommend using two, or more, of these offerings to protect your irreplaceable family photos and movies.

The debate about how long media (Tape, DVD/CD, Film, Hard Drives) will last is a waste of time — we know anything humans create will not last forever, even with proper care. As time passes things need to be repaired and eventually replaced.

Digital Video Disks - DVD/CD/BR - are great storage and back up options; however, at some point you want to transfer / replace the media your files are stored on to the latest iteration of back-up options, because in 100 years will there be a device to play these back-up options? We may not live for 100 years but your family history should last forever.

Biography - Tribute - Memorial

"Life is a journey we all share; though our paths and experiences may be different, we arrive at a common place together. Your family traveled that journey; they walked many paths; they experienced many things. We can learn a lot about our family members." - gerald

Biography, Tribute, Dedication, Recognition, or Memorial videos are a fun, exciting, and unique way to honor, recognize, remember, and cherish someone close to you.

In addition to photos and music, we can use old home movies, video clips, newspaper articles, scrapbook items, interviews, and narration to tell the story of the life of someone special.

These are great gifts for Anniversaries, Banquets, Birthdays, Father/Mother's Day, Graduations, Retirement parties, Memorials, Weddings, and more.

Relive Your Family History

Family history videos contain much of the same elements as the Biography, Tribute, and Memorial videos but with the addition of a narrative detailing events of a family's heritage with stories told by the eldest members of the family; it is a great way to preserve your family's history for future generations to cherish.