DVD Memories Editing Equipment

Save and Protect Your Family History!

Serious Care & Love

Having the equipment and the love of cutting — editors term — Gerald Martin Davenport owner of Aria Pictures, has opened his services for the general masses. Contrary to peers and business associates telling him to stay away, Gerald feels there is not a quality, caring, or honest company that offers what he does in the "Home Video" DVD creation and Blu Ray market.

Video editing is Gerald's forte. No project is too simple or too complex. Our mission is to make your video project look great no matter what the subject! One that people will want to watch over and over again.

Our focus, and it is what makes us different from all the rest — yes, we keep mentioning it throughout the site to make sure you understand it — is that we do not just import your video and slap it onto a DVD, nor do we just take your photos and throw them into a program with the standard transitions and Ken Burns effect — WE ADD PERSONALITY AND EMOTION!!!

Your Family's Privacy

We are family oriented — more so than anyone else — which is the reason we do this to keep families and people together, to cherish the past, and to save history in all forms onto one type of medium.

We understand your concerns about giving information about your family to an unkown company, and we truly would love to share what we have done for others with you, but our PRIVACY POLICY (link below) does not allow it.

We have children and safety issues as well, so we understand completely, which is why we do not have the cold order form that has you send your information and files to someone that you have not at least talked with like so many other companies that provide similar services do.

And although we have done a few from out of the area — they were word-of-mouth recommendations — we concentrate on the local communities in the Greater Sacramento Area.

It doesn't hurt to give us a call and see if you feel at ease.  We are a professional company that takes your family's privacy and emotions seriously.


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